We, as “Veritas Basım Merkezi” entered the sector in the year 2005, and continue our activities in our new facilities in Tuzla Chemical Industry Organized Industrial Zone. We always target to be one step forward in the sector with our renewed machinery park which is ready to respond all kinds of needs. Our target of uniting successful professionals of their own, under a strong and trustful roof, made us a large family from the day we are established. As “Veritas Basım Merkezi” , we observe quality standards with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates in all pre-printing and after printing services, and take all necessary precautions to leave a livable nature for future generations. We have a large and effective delivery network globally. We act with an innovative, open-to-development managerial understanding. We increase our production capacity day by day. ​We improve with technological progress, using time and energy saving machinery.

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